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Custom made guitars

Our custom electric guitars are handmade, artisan, and make unique Christmas gifts for men, women, music and art lovers.  Lichtenberg fractals create one-of-a-kind patterns – like a lightning strike,  no two are the same. These handmade guitar kits are a solid body construction of quality basswood, maple and rosewood for a striking design. You...

James Davis Designs succulent planter box with lichtenberg fractals aka electrical erosion

James Davis Designs is ready to spring forward!

I know, I know… that magical daylight saving time is still a little ways away.  That doesn’t mean I’m not excited about it though!! As soon as we round the corner of Christmas and New Years, spring is instantly on my mind.  The smells, the warmer weather, the flowers!  Clearly,...


Lichtenberg fractal patterns… say what??

When Modern In Denver magazine put out a design timeline challenge, James Davis Designs responded with “Game On”.  Working long hours and overcoming a number of challenges in the build, we were able to deliver!  Electrical erosion is dangerous and I don’t recommend trying this at home.  Not that...


Are you part of the club?

There is a club in this world that you are in, or out. This club teaches you things that those outside of don’t understand. It makes you grow in ways you can’t imagine. It teaches you to become self sufficient. It makes you feel things you never could have...