Custom made guitars

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Custom made guitars

Our custom electric guitars are handmade, artisan, and make unique Christmas gifts for men, women, music and art lovers.  Lichtenberg fractals create one-of-a-kind patterns – like a lightning strike,  no two are the same.

These handmade guitar kits are a solid body construction of quality basswood, maple and rosewood for a striking design.

You could head in to guitar center or guitar world, but you won’t be working with a custom guitar builder.  Feedback has shown these cool guitars are expected to carry a price tag in the thousands.  We believe that the art is better shared and would rather you enjoy both a quality guitar AND keep your money!

When you’re searching for a custom stratocaster builder, a custom telecaster, or a custom bass builder for your personalized gifts, go with the company that has nearly 20 years of wood working experience.



“I just received as a gift, your Stratocaster guitar design from a good friend. The design is capturing!!!  It is unique, separate and special. Thank you.  I have many guitars (17) and I have been playing guitar for 54 years and play lead guitar for RELIC.  Thank you for creativity.” -Paul M.


“I am happy to say that I have one of James’ first “lightning” strat guitars. I thought that it would be a good conversation starter, maybe even an esthetic alternative to my other instruments. But it also plays great, and has become my go-to as a daily driver in the electric quiver. Everyone has a Strat. A telecaster. The Les Paul. NOBODY has a guitar that was struck by electric lightning. Do yourself a favor and pick one up today- you won’t regret it.”  -Jean I.


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