Fine art Denver oneLINE

Lichtenberg and oneLINE

As Denver’s original Lichtenberg wood artist, I have spent the past 4 years perfecting the craft of capturing lightning.  Combining Lichtenberg fractals with 19 years of experience in wood & metal working, I am able to create that custom, one-of-a-kind design that you are looking for.

In May, I was honored to be part of a collaboration local artist Jonathan Applegate from the FutureDrawn gallery in the Denver Highlands neighborhood.  oneLINE is a process that came through many years of Jonathans work with pen, minimalism and cubism work.  What he creates is a stunning piece of art that keeps the eye moving and the mind engaged as you look at his work.

The central point of our collaboration is the Lichtenberg fractal electric Stratocaster guitar.  ie- the electrified electric guitar!  Using one of our unique guitars as the base of the artwork, Jonathan recreated a full size likeness of the guitar in oneLINE.  We have future collaborations coming throughout May utilizing the Lichtenberg art pieces as a canvas for oneLINE art.

Stop by the FutureDrawn gallery at 4420 Tennyson St in the Denver Highlands to see, or purchase, the work in person.