Lichtenberg Fine art Denver

Deadly Lichtenberg Fractals

The American Association of Woodturners issued a policy against fractal burning, also known as Lichtenberg, banning it from AAW events.

On the surface, this art form does not appear to be too dangerous.  It’s mesmerizing to watch and from an onlookers point of you, the controller is simply standing by.  However, do not let that appearance fool you.  Electricity is dangerous AND deadly.  Standing too close or being in the wrong spot can easily send you to the hospital – and possibly the morgue.

This inherent danger is not taken lightly at James Davis Designs.  Personal protective equipment is utilized to minimize the risk of injury.  Regardless, we are always aware that it might be the “last burn”.  Complacency and fatigue are dangerous when there are 2,000 coursing through the surface in front of you.

Electrical burns
Electrical burns

As Denver’s lichtenberg fractal pioneer, James constantly evolved and created safer techniques through the years.  While out at trade shows it is often over heard “(so-and-so) does that”.  Our word of advice is to be SAFE.  Do NOT hold the wood, terminals or anything associated with your power supply.  Make sure it’s turned off as well as unplugged before tempting Zeus.