Custom wood, metal, & artistic designs.

For nearly two decades, our passion has been to provide high-end, custom, and limited edition products that benefit our clients as well as our community.  


Custom designed residential pieces fit your unique style.  We work together to bring your desires to life.


Functional Art

James Davis Designs utilizes remnants to craft one-off functional art.   Serving trays, skateboards, drink coasters, artistic panels, and more are all available.



We craft conference tables, signage, pergolas, game tables and statement pieces that create long-lasting beauty in any space.


Custom Guitars

Our love of music and woodwork combine beauty and craftsmanship, into amazing custom electric guitars.   This unique guitar is equally comfortable in your home or on stage.



design, art, form & function

I believe
  • that happiness is a choice.
  • in passion and without it, we begin to die.
  • that “perfection`` does not exist, but with passion and hard work, ``excellence” does.
  • in utilizing every piece of material, even if it is to start a campfire with the tiny remnants.
  • that we are all in this life together and that collaboration is more important that competition.
  • that what I create for my clients truly matters.

About the artist:

James Davis was born in Detroit in 1975 and has called Colorado “Home” since 1987.   Growing up in Colorado sparked an early passion for adventure and the outdoors. James’ creativity comes from that sense of adventure.
James began developing his skills early and renovated his first house at the age of 25. He has continued to grow his skill set and in 2010 added a degree in design to his repertoire. Today, James creates functional and unique art for commercial and residential settings.
His recent work with Lichtenberg fractals came from a near lightning strike on Mt. Evans while snowboarding with a friend when an electrical storm rolled in.  “These patterns remind me of what it felt like in my legs as I tried to get off the mountain.” he says.  This pattern is what happens to the skin when struck by lightning.
Utilizing different wood, metal, resin, and electricity, James creates unique art.  His process involves sketches as well as a lot of on the spot decisions.  Many of his art pieces show themselves to him through the burns. Some of the grains tell him what he will create next. No two pieces are the same because no two canvases are.
James utilizes every piece of material he can. Working with scraps to create new pieces until there is only a small bucket of scraps left. Those, of course, make exceptional campfire material!  That’s when he knows it’s time to head back into nature for some more inspiration.

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