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Barn Door Denver

Custom Barn Doors in Denver

Barn doors provide Colorado homeowners the perfect solution for unique spaces.   Colorado homeowners love barn doors! Why not? Barn doors are functional, artistic and make the perfect alternative to standard doors. While standard doors need a wide area to open and close, barn doors only need adequate wall space....

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Lichtenberg Fine art Denver

Deadly Lichtenberg Fractals

The American Association of Woodturners issued a policy against fractal burning, also known as Lichtenberg, banning it from AAW events. On the surface, this art form does not appear to be too dangerous.  It’s mesmerizing to watch and from an onlookers point of you, the controller is simply standing by.  However,...

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Denver climbing gym custom lockers

The Spot – to get your climbing fix

A new location! 2019 started off with an amazing collaboration with Boulder, CO based The Spot gym!  This large scale installation creates an incredibly unique commercial environment.  Lichtenberg fractals were used to create the reception desk, toilet partitions, sink bases and lockers in this new downtown Denver climbing oasis. Because of the size and shape...

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Fine art Denver oneLINE

Lichtenberg and oneLINE

As Denver’s original Lichtenberg wood artist, I have spent the past 4 years perfecting the craft of capturing lightning.  Combining Lichtenberg fractals with 19 years of experience in wood & metal working, I am able to create that custom, one-of-a-kind design that you are looking for. In May, I was honored to be part of...

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Custom guitars… Stunning art… or both?!

Our custom electric guitars are handmade, artisan, and made with Lichtenberg fractals create one-of-a-kind patterns – like a lightning strike,  no two are the same.  While me make our guitars with basswood bodies, check out @BurlsArt on Instagram who made this handmade stratocaster guitar from colored pencils!  Here’s a video of it! You could...

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Fine art Lichtenberg Denver

Custom made guitars

Our custom electric guitars are handmade, artisan, and make unique Christmas gifts for men, women, music and art lovers.  Lichtenberg fractals create one-of-a-kind patterns – like a lightning strike,  no two are the same. These handmade guitar kits are a solid body construction of quality basswood, maple and rosewood for a striking design. You...

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Lichtenberg fractal patterns… say what??

When Modern In Denver magazine put out a design timeline challenge, James Davis Designs responded with “Game On”.  Working long hours and overcoming a number of challenges in the build, we were able to deliver!  Electrical erosion is dangerous and I don’t recommend trying this at home.  Not that...

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