Barn Door Denver

Custom Barn Doors in Denver

Barn doors provide Colorado homeowners the perfect solution for unique spaces.

Colorado homeowners love barn doors! Why not? Barn doors are functional, artistic and make the perfect alternative to standard doors. While standard doors need a wide area to open and close, barn doors only need adequate wall space. This means you can make the most use of your square footage for furniture and decor!
Although barn doors are functional, they are also fun! They add an interesting appeal to any space! We view our custom barn doors as rolling canvases. Our goal is to elevate a basic, yet necessary design element, into a feature that is one-or-a-kind. Our barn doors complement any style of home, from a classic mountain cabin to a modern Denver square.
Our custom barn doors are lightweight and easy to move.  This is an excellent option for people of all ages and physical conditions. Every inch counts when planning out your rooms and barn doors can save up to 14 square feet of floor space.

Barn Door Installation Options

With three main installation options for barn doors, you can make one fit in almost any space. Chose the common single barn door to slide left or right. Bi-parting doors are great for an area too large for a single door, or the wall space on either side is narrow. Bypass doors overlap and slide over one another. These come in handy in an area where you want the look of barn doors, but do not have enough room for them to slide open.

There is vast selection of hardware and track options available online. For the budget friendly option, you can’t beat the deals on Amazon. From a classic barn door to an elaborate, custom-made work of art, our barn doors are sure to start up a conversation.
Doors start at only $999

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