Ride the Lightning

Guitars and Cases

Electric Guitars:

Fine art in functional form. These artistic guitars make a great statement piece, sound great and feel great. 

Every guitar has a unique design.  No two will be the same.

HandCrafted. For your hands.

Price: $399.00

“I just received as a gift, your Stratocaster guitar design from a good friend.
The design is capturing!!!  It is unique, separate and special. Thank you.

I have many guitars (17) and I have been playing guitar for 54 years.  Thank you for creativity.”

-Paul Martineau:  lead guitarist, RELIC

Lightning Struck

Coasters & Tiles

 Drink Coasters:

These tiles make a unique gift!

 Groomsman gifts for that buddy who is standing up for you at your wedding.


They'll make a great addition to that whisky gift set for hubby's anniversary gift.

Bring a bottle of wine and some coasters to celebrate your friend's new place!

Price: $19.99

Qty: 1 = Set of 4

Serving Boards

Walnut Butcher Block

Serving Boards:

Fine art in functional form. These artistic boards make a great way to display your delicious  appetizers!  Made with butcher block walnut, the same material we use on countertops, we fill the voids with resin to make sure no food gets stuck.  

Food safe finish is applied to both side of the wood.  Use one side to cut on, the other side to serve on!

6" x 10" x 1.5" thick

Price: $74.99

Wood Rings

custom made

Custom wood rings:

These wood rings are made in Denver, CO specifically for your finger.  All we need is a ring size (you can go to any jeweler, Hobby Lobby, or Michaels to find your ring size)

After that, we determine the color and style of your ring.  

Do you want gold or silver inside the ring?  
Do you want Lichtenberg fractals on the outer side?

Click our email link to get started today.

Price: $250 – $550

Depending upon material selections

Barn doors

Barn doors:

Available up to 4' x 8' doors.  Hardware is additional with a large, affordable variety available on Amazon.

Starting at: $749.99

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