Lichtenberg fractal patterns… say what??

Lichtenberg fractal patterns… say what??

When Modern In Denver magazine put out a design timeline challenge, James Davis Designs responded with “Game On”.  Working long hours and overcoming a number of challenges in the build, we were able to deliver!  Electrical erosion is dangerous and I don’t recommend trying this at home.  Not that I don’t want competition, I just don’t want anyone to die because of the idea!

Playing with fire is one of man’s longest running past times.  I am no different and recycle the unusable remnants of projects in my campfires while out exploring.  Playing with fire took on a new form this year though and I have been exploring the world of electricity to bring a controlled chaos to my work.  While I have the ability to control the general area where the wood will burn, how the pattern emerges, and what it looks like is beyond my control.  Just like our lives, right?!
Every day I am amazed at what has come from the ashes.  It is intense and mesmerizing to watch this in action.  Using electricity as a tool to create art is a thrilling new world.  Check out the great article “Game On” in the fall issue about our recent collaboration with Vertical Arts Architecture. They are amazing, talented people!

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