Are you part of the club?

There is a club in this world that you are in, or out. This club teaches you things that those outside of don’t understand. It makes you grow in ways you can’t imagine. It teaches you to become self sufficient. It makes you feel things you never could have imagined. People don’t talk about this club, because it requires death to join.

I’m not talking about Fight Club. I’m talking about the loss of a parent. In 2009 I joined the club when my dad died from ALS. It was a horrible moment. I was there, holding his hand as he took his last breath. Looking into his eyes as he silently pleaded with me for help. I could do nothing but sit with him and hope he could feel me love him.

You have probably heard about ALS – remember the ice bucket challenge? Yes you do. LOL! ALS is a terrible disease and when my dad died, there was no known cure. However, through the efforts of the ALS association, there have be tremendous progress. The ALS association has been a charity that I gladly support through silent auction items, donations and yes, even jumping into a glacial lake for the cause.

If you’re part of the club, I feel your pain and I wish you peace. Remember that we are alive to feel, even the bad feelings. The loss can leave you empty inside. Fill it with joy to give to others. We’re all in this life together, lets work in collaboration, not competition.

If you’re able to help in any way, through donations of time, resources or art, please consider

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