About the process


It’s all about connecting with our community.

We create custom furniture and inspiring decor that connect on a personal level.

You begin as our “Spark” – the client igniting the design.  It begins with your idea for a custom design that can’t be found elsewhere.  We work with you to make your desire a reality.

As we grow and evolve, that initial spark will remain and create other branches of connection.  Strangers will become dear friends, projects yet dreamt will become reality, and our connections grow deeper within our community.


We create custom furniture, inspiring decor, and connective spaces by harnessing the energy into form and function.

That initial design “spark” sends us on a discovery process where we explore ideas, forms, function and materials such as live edge woods, steel, aluminum, granite, resin, and electrical erosion.


Located at 1449 Galapago St, Denver, CO 80204, we are across from the Convention Center at the pinnacle of downtown Denver.  On the South/East corner of Colfax and Speer, we are neighbors with Starbucks, The SGI Buddhist Center,  Denver Diner, and R&R Engineering.


Please make an appointment to verify we are on-site when you plan to come.  Our general hours are:

Monday-Wednesday: 10-2 and 4-8

Thursday: By appointment

Friday: 9-5

Saturday & Sunday: by appointment



The process:

Every new project starts with an email.   We want to hear about your overall project, desired dimensions, materials, and the inspiring custom designs you’re hoping to incorporate.

If you have photos of similar projects that get you passionate about yours, please send those along to give us a feel for what style cues are.  We also like to see what other furnishings you have in your home, office, and want your custom piece to look like it seamlessly fits in.  Whether you have an old New Orleans style flair or a minimalistic, modern design, our desire is to make it perfect for you.

After the initial email, we typically meet in our design studios on Galapago, however larger projects often require an on-site meeting.

After a design brief, we will sketch dozens of ideas and thoughts until we feel we are able to best represent your dreams in 3 or 4 sketches.  At this point we will meet in person and go over the sketches with you and make notes or adjustments with you. At this time we take a $250 to cover design time and put your project into the pipeline.

If you already have a project with full technical drawings we do not charge a fee and are able to go straight to estimating the project.

Once we have your approval a final drawing, it’s time to start work on the project.  At this time we require a 50% deposit with the remaining 50% due upon completion.