Bring in Your Project

Bring in Your Project

Do you have a woodworking project that you just need a little guidance (and tools) to get going? YOU ARE IN LUCK!

Imagine having a professional and unique wood working project that is made by you! Bring in your project days put you in the driver seat to bringing your own woodworking projects to life.

Our woodworking instructor guides you through safe and professional technique to accomplish woodworking projects that you’ve always wanted to do, but just needed the right tools and a little know-how. Learn new woodworking techniques and about professional tools in this time.

What to expect at our JAMES DAVIS DESIGNS Woodworking shop and from our Open Shop Hours:

  • Hands on Woodworking
  • First Class Instructors
  • Professional Tool Access
  • A Beautiful Project to Keep!

When: Saturdays 2-6p Cost:$60/hour